‘(very) early morning’ playlist


4 thoughts on “‘(very) early morning’ playlist

  1. i like the song from the weepies. thanks vids! 🙂 i can now add some soothing songs to my rather noisy playlist, haha! eclectic au among music sa house. my bro's into r&b and cheesy songs. a housemate medyo emo and alternative.

  2. haha. maayo na! para daghan pud ka'g nabaw-an na music. on the other hand, kapoy pud usahay. when i lived with my sister, her husband would play rap music in his car every time he drove me to the train station. i really, really tried to like rap music and i did end up liking a few of the ones he played but, well, i guess i'm not a rap music kind of person (save for vanilla ice who's just great for videoke). the weepies, i like though. and daghan pa uban nilang songs cute actually–all with the folksy kind of feel. i know dapat rock music akong ipatukar early morning para ka mata ko (not songs na "lullaby") but lami man sad gud magmuni-muni sayo sa buntag. 🙂

  3. haha, depende sa morning vids. kung depressing, kelangan rock or upbeat ang music. but there are times kung ga ulan (which i find depressing, hehe), nice man pud magmuni-muni to mellow songs.oist, advance happy birthday tuod. 🙂

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