…of Mackie's attempts to start his own fan club. Or some devious plan to have me do a 'Venus Tagub' for what can only be some strange convoluted reason. I haven't quite figured it out yet.

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13 thoughts on “proof

  1. OMG. Mackie, uy!!!! hahahahah I'm shocked, but not really! The shirt looks really nice on you, Vidz, to be fair 🙂 And the tiles have aesthetic placement. But Mackie will have to become famous now, otherwise people will always ask you Vidz, "Who is that?" hehe

  2. haha!but that's cheating. how can i be sure that's you; i can't see your face.anyway, the shirt fits perfectly. i think it should be worn in public.if they ask, you can just say he's big in japan.,,zar, the composition is mostly based on my facebook profile pictures album. i kinda like the tiles together too, that's why i open my album all the time.mae, it can come in any color you like. maybe i'll start selling them.hahaha. i love it!

  3. o.m.g. the trauma mae! why did i ever click on your link?!! agh! i will never look at harry potter the same way again. and how in the world did someone sneak a camera to the play? diba kadtong other guy, whatshisname, kay nagreklamo kay wala nalang gyud siya ka picture or even ka kita ug klaro sa ngitngit?

  4. that IS me you idiot. and you know how much i dislike having my picture taken (unlike some people) so be thankful i even took one in the first place. zar, mae! what have you guys done?! ni dako na (ug samot) ang ulo ni mackie! i mean, you'd actually sell them? geez. in that case, i want my modeling fee. oh, and, chi said she wanted one too. go figure.p.s. the shirt fits well, by the way, kay i'm sucking in my stomach for that pic. but thanks for not noticing. hehe.

  5. vids! oops, i should have labeled the link NSFW, haha! anyway, michael of dlisted also blogged about it. he mentioned he was in the 7th row so the one who took the pic was on the first row. now it would benefit a lot of us if only we knew what cellphone model that person used. LOL didn't check the video vids 'cause like you, na trauma na ko sa pics. what more if i'll watch the video pa. haha!

  6. HAHAHA! that was hilarious mackie! vanity in all it's glory, but definitely creative! I want one too!! Nice layout.
    Vidz, in fairness to macks, it does look good on you =) didn't notice you sucking in your tummy coz the tiles masked it well enough.

  7. "Or some devious plan to have me do a 'Venus Tagub' " She would have been proud of you macks. Mybe she'll become your number one customer if you ever decide to sell it… hehehe

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