WE Magazine asked me to do a redux on a previous article I did on alternative wedding march songs. Any suggestions? Anything that'd be great to walk down the aisle to–from whatever genre of music you guys can imagine. Post ideas here or email me. I know this is last minute but since the article's due on the 20th, I need your ideas as soon as you can get them to me. =) Thanks!

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12 thoughts on “help!

  1. corny suggestions but wala man pud mawala nako kung mag suggest diba? hehe.. :)*love you more today than yesterday – goldfinger version*baby, i love your way – big mountain version*everybody free – the song sung by the kid when claire danes walked down the aisle in baz luhrmann's romeo + juliet

  2. hey thanks mae! everybody's free might be interesting to
    add to the list. like the 2 other songs pud but murag lisod man i-lakaw
    sa aisle (unless beach wedding and you can kinda skip i guess). i'm
    only putting 5 songs to the list but having so few only makes it harder
    to narrow down. so i'm just giving 1 song suggestion per genre tingali
    para naay something for everybody—except the country music fans
    (sorry macks) i have nothing for them (and i'm pretty sure shania
    twain's "from this moment" is the reigning country music
    song-to-walk-down-the-aisle anyway).

  3. obviously i'm into beach weddings vids, haha! bitaw, i was hoping before that there's a longer version of everybody's free. i really like the child's voice ngadto, hehe…amd err, sorry pud macks. i'm not much of a country fan. eek!

  4. thanks for the suggestions tins! submitted the article na but maybe for the next one? bitaw, ni niwang ug ni puti na si quindon tarver. i heard he auditioned pud daw sa american idol but na eliminate sa hollywood round. kulang ra tingali ug personality. hehe.

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