2008’s Sexiest Men (according to People)

Hugh! Daniel! Rob! Ed! Zac! Blair! Mark-Paul? Right here.

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13 thoughts on “2008’s Sexiest Men (according to People)

  1. Although medyo weird gamay na naay under 30s sa list. For some reason man gud, I just don't think of the youngsters (Zac et al) as "sexy." Medyo perv ra kaayo akong feeling. I hope James McAvoy's on the list! Thinking man's sexy! Oh, and Gerard Butler. And Clive Owen. Have you noticed na most of the guys on the list (excluding the questionable ones like Mark Paul Gosselaar) kay dili American? Hugh, Javier, Daniel, etc

  2. I think People should make another category, the Prettiest Boys, then Zac and Chace can be included in the list. Haha!I know a lot of people hate Mario Lopez but he's way sexier than Mark-Paul oi! And yeah, dominated by non-Americans au ang list ron. They forgot to include the French actors though, hehe.

  3. Mao! Someone did this article on how gamay ra'g "manly men" na American actors ron compared sa sa una. Of course, daghan nagcomplain sa article but I kinda agree. It's not entirely a bad thing anyway. Dili man ang acting creds sa actors ang in question, ang ka macho-han raman.Which sexy French actor do you think they should have put in? Mathieu Kassovitz is the only one I can think of but he's not exactly sexy. Ay ko ingna si Gerard Depardieu?

  4. Actually pretty French actors diay Vids, si Gaspard Ulliel and Louis Garrel, hehe. LOL on Gerard. I think Vincent Cassel is sexy..Pwede siguro siya. Pero syempre mas sexy iya wife na si Monica, woot woo!

  5. Oh yeah. And si Olivier Martinez (although I find him just as creepy as he is sexy) diay. As for Mad Men, it's supposed to be really good daw. Critically-acclaimed siya diba? And nindot pud ilang mga sinina. Hehe. But I don't watch it pud. Wala man gud ko ka start sa very first season and I don't like watching sa tunga tunga. But maybe someday, when I have time, I'll start watching it too.

  6. I checked sa IMDB, they have few episodes sa 1st season.Pero I agree with you Vids, di pud ko ganahan mu watch sa tunga tunga, hehe. Aside from the clothes, seksihan ko atong redhead though dili diay siya ang female lead. Iya face/look man gud akong madumduman, hehe.Olivier looks like Rodrigo Santoro in some angles. Speaking of Rodrigo, he doesn't look too hot lately. Naunsa naman siya oi, sayang. Haha!

  7. Sensya na Vids, I forgot to attach a link and well, medyo kuti pangitaon, hehe. Murag niniwang siya ug naay bigote. Sige lang, I'm sure ibadlong na siya sa iyang manager or agent, hehe, kay sayang jud iyang pagkaguapo. Haay!

  8. yea or maybe while he's not so attractive just yet, i can have a shot at him, kay dili kunuhay ko shallow and only caring about his looks. dayun after magdayun mi, i can whip him into shape, start the campaign for rodrigo santoro: sexiest man alive of 2010 (kung dili madala sa 2009). mwahahaha.

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