Time for the annual review:

  1. No. of people I fell in love with: Just 1. Still you, Jensen Ackles. And maybe Frankie Landau-Banks if I become a lesbian pedophile. Why do I even bother counting this thing? Because let's face it, unless you're Zara Cabanlet, this number is not going to change anytime soon. New rule: keep track of something else more worthwhile…weight maybe? Hmm…
  2. No. of new friends I made: (See this is something I can count that actually makes me smile) Several. Lieza, Arjay, Erwin, Gabby, Memet, Leah, Paul, and the rest of the Filipinos living in Davis; Heewon, Tae, and the rest of the freshman Comm grad students; Ivy; Byron; Mike
  3. No. of jobs I've had: 3—writing for the magazines, teaching for UCD, and working on the $10 Initiative
  4. New places I got to visit: The East Coast—New York, New Jersey, DC, Philadelphia, Connecticut; also, Vegas
  5. Books I can cross off my to-read list: Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, The Book Thief, Letters to a Young Poet, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, the latest in the Artemis Fowl and Sookie Stackhouse series (and others I'd-rather-not-have-read a.k.a the Twilight series & Confessions of a Shopaholic).
  6. Things I wrote and actually finished: (What seemed like) a ton of papers for school, several articles & a few poems (all commissioned by the magazine of course, since money is the only thing that can get me to spout poetry), and *shudder* a cheesy script for this crappy video I made. No brilliant novella this year, folks.
  7. No. of times I got to go home: Zero 😦
  8. Great things I got to see: the Statue of Liberty (not bad); all those awesome things in the Smithsonian and the MET, including the dinosaur bones, the Hope Diamond, and the cool paintings; Cirque du Soleil's LOVE!, Iron Man, Tropic Thunder, Indy 4, The Dark Knight, Slumdog Millionaire, Paris Je T'aime, Across the Universe (thanks for the dvds Macks!); Charles, Carlo, Manu, Nicole, and Richie, all of whom I haven't seen since God knows when; also, live and in person: Martin Yan & Death Cab for Cutie
  9. Notable things I learned: I would never have imagined ever saying this but…statistics is fun! (at least when you're working on SPSS and not on SAS); random bits of trivia on neglected positives, panopticons and its creator (Jeremy Bentham), the identity of the man in the coffin in LOST (also Jeremy Bentham), the biggest, best chocolate chip cookies are quite possibly in New York; and the perfect recipe for leche flan comes from Lola. Still haven't found out who the mother is in HIMYM but I guess I can safely rule out Stella.
  10. No. of blog entries for 2008: 60. Yikes! Was my social life really that dead?

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