my future kids

Mae posted a link to on one of her notes on Facebook and I'm ashamed to say I immediately registered on the site and spent the better part of the morning "making babies" with some of my favorite celebrities. Got some ugly ones, which I promptly deleted, of course and kept the better looking ones. Haha. What a wonderful mother I'll make in the future.

Here's mine and Wenty's future daughter:

Asa kaha gikan na iyang buhok ug puti nga kutis? Hmm? Do you think that in this hypothetical universe where Wenty and I have a child that I *gasp* had an affair with someone? Someone who looks perhaps like this?

Apparently, mga anak nako kay blonde gyud ug buhok. Let's hope nalang na sakto na ni nga amahan.

Poor child of mine. Bata pa gani nakuha na ang eyebags sa iyang Mama.

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9 thoughts on “my future kids

  1. Vids, what's the name of your daughter with Wenty? She's too cute for words, hehe! Hmmm, basin Caucasian imong gi pili mao nahimog blonde. Hahaha joke!As for your baby with Jensen, mala-Benjamin Butones pud ang result. Hahaha don't kill me!Dapat gi try nimo ang Eric Vids. Wala man sila pix ni Rafa so nag upload kog "My Partner's Photo". Ain't I delusional? Bwahahaha!What are the names of your kids diay if I may ask? 🙂

  2. they probably knew nga it's unlikely for wentworth to have a baby with you so they picked some random blond na lang. it's okay cute ma ang baby, not like the second one who looks a bit retarded. these are not real babies, are they?

  3. I think I might have named my daughter with Wenty, Isabelle (I've always wanted to name my kids after my favorite literary characters man gud and Elizabeth Bennett is one of them, pero dili pud ko ganahan sa name na Elizabeth so I chose the Spanish version, Isabel, but siyempre, French spelling kay it's prettier—hahaha—convulated kaayo akong reasoning no? Maayo nalang my Wenty indulges me). Balo ba ka Mae na naay pay mas pangit ana nga anak nako kay kan Jensen? Akong anak ni Orlando Bloom–egad–huwag nalang. Didn't choose the skin color biya, I let their system choose for me. I don't think they take into consideration hair color sa ilang equation. Sige, sunod try nako si Prince Eric sa Little Mermaid. Mo dawat sila'g cartoon?

  4. ouch. did you just call my daughter retarded, mackie? how un-pc of you. and you can forget about being ninong to my kids too. hmph. no, they're not real babies. supposedly projection sa unsa'y itsura sa akong anak if ever i got together with jensen or went. based daw on some advanced face detection software. haha. (p.s. i am so stalking you wentworth miller and forcing you to have sex with me, gay rumors be damned. actually, since gwapo man sad imong uyab, bring luke along too).

  5. Hala Vids, karon pa ko balo that Isabel is the Spanish version of Elizabeth. Haha! I like the name Isabella diay and not because of Twilight, hehe, dugay nako ganahan ana na name.I think BS ang advanced face detection software sa, hahaha! Nag check ko once sa main page and I noticed pare-pareho ang look sa mga babies. Ekk!Sige lang Vids, unless i-amin na ni Wenty na he's gay, let's still give him the benefit of the doubt despite the numerous pictures of him with Luke. LOLKatawa jud ko sa "retarded" comment ni Mackie. So I guess ma pressure jud ta na dapat cute atong babies or else sure na jud na sawayon ta sa atong close friends, hahaha!

  6. Uy, thanks for the chismis Mae! Na intriga pud ko. Like most of the commenters sa post, I'm likely to blame the girl as much as (or more than) Marc for whatever happened. Kung married na ka uy, ngano gud dili magselos ang bana na she calls this guy she just met her best guy friend ever. Sayang gi delete ang blogspot. Would've liked to read her ramblings. Chismosa gyud ko. Hehe.p.s. Omigosh. I forgot about Bella from Twilight. Ew. Don't think I like the name anymore. LOL.

  7. Another thing Vids, ang profile pic pa jud kay with Marc instead of the hubby. LOL..Unfair baya kay Marc kay side ra sa girl gikuha and I don't think mag comment si Marc sa issue…Haha, feeling kaayo ko na kaila ni Marc!Choloks jud ni si Stephanie Meyer Vids. Aside from Isabella, I also like the name Jacob (from Jakob Dylan, hehe…)…She's "stealing" my baby names! Hahaha!

  8. About the profile pic Mae, sakto gyud ka! Haha. Kung ako ang bana, ipa tang tang na nako ang pic uy. And ditto on Smeyer. Kaulit gyud sa name stealing. Though thankfully, there's nada chance of me naming my kids Renesmee *gag*.

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