Another one of the benefits of having an aunt that works at Arco, aside from getting to go to the American Idols concert, of course, is getting to go to other concerts I would otherwise not have gone to, much less have heard of, like, say, Andrew Rieu (Andrew who?), Yanni (sans mustache), and oh yeah, Demi Lovato with David Archuleta.

For David's set, the only song I knew of was Apologize which he covered from OneRepublic. I was going to post the video I took of that one but decided to go instead with this one of David dancing because, well, take a look for yourself:

Now that's my kind of dancing. I can bounce around with the best of Tiggers but anything beyond that, fuggedaboutit.

More pics on the concert here and that Apologize video with all the tweens screaming/singing here.

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2 thoughts on “Adorkable

  1. Well, medyo ma ulaw pud mi ni Tita so unya ra mi ka adto if magoffer siya or magpa-baga gyud mi ug ask, which we did for Idol. Sa Idol, nahadlok mi na basin ma sold out ang okay na seats so kilid kilid nalang ang mabilin, so Ate said siya mo palit but ingon si Tita siya ra daw bahala (thank you gift niya kay Ate for printing those Sison Reunion shirts for free and grad gift niya sa ako). Everything else was free though. Bitaw, enjoy kaayo. The Killers are coming here sa September and I really wanted to go to that but tunong siya sa among cruise with Maricha, so I can't go.

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