20 things to do in 2010*

  1. Try out a sport/activity I've never tried before. – Check sa zipline (thanks Ging!)
  2. Travel to a new place.
  3. Be in the center of a love triangle. (wahaha. ambisyosa! nasuya man gud ko ni ani niya. and the zara cabanlet as always) – Help someone fulfill something on their resolution list. – Changed it to this one nalang kay para nalang dili magsakit atong dughan sa love triangle. Also check because I helped Leslie out with something. ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Go on at least 20 first dates. – date. n. social engagement with romantic intentions
  5. Learn to bake brazo de mercedes or make embutido from scratch.
  6. Eat something (some fruit, vegetable, animal, body part of an animal, or dish) I've never tried before.
  7. Log 10 hours of volunteer service.
  8. Party with someone famous – "famous" part of this equation to be judged by Tanya
  9. Make friends with someone online and EB with that person.
  10. Read 20 new books.
  11. Write a short story (or a long one).
  12. Kiss someone gwapo (because how can I let the year go by without having kissed someone goodlooking? And take note sa pro-active phrasing of this resolution. It's not "be kissed by someone gwapo"; I will do the kissing, thank you very much) – "gwapo" part of this equation to be determined by Leslie
  13. Watch 10 foreign films – foreign does not include Hollywood blockbusters even though, technically, they are foreign to us.
  14. Crash a party. Just because.
  15. Buy myself something unnecessary.
  16. Finish the Learn with French Michel CDs (Discs 1-8)
  17. Add 20 new friends to Facebook. – "New" means people I've never met or known before.  Not "new to Facebook." Or "newly discovered on Facebook."
  18. Do a lap around the Acad Oval.
  19. Pretend to be someone for an entire day (because it's fun. And I need a break from myself).
  20. Submit/audition for/apply to at least 10 things: Reader's Digest contests, research journals, cooking competitions, etc. – So far, I've applied to this, 9 more to go!

*If I check off everything in this list, Ging is treating me to a meal at Bistro Mercedes. Yay!

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Another one of the benefits of having an aunt that works at Arco, aside from getting to go to the American Idols concert, of course, is getting to go to other concerts I would otherwise not have gone to, much less have heard of, like, say, Andrew Rieu (Andrew who?), Yanni (sans mustache), and oh yeah, Demi Lovato with David Archuleta.

For David's set, the only song I knew of was Apologize which he covered from OneRepublic. I was going to post the video I took of that one but decided to go instead with this one of David dancing because, well, take a look for yourself:

Now that's my kind of dancing. I can bounce around with the best of Tiggers but anything beyond that, fuggedaboutit.

More pics on the concert here and that Apologize video with all the tweens screaming/singing here.

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American Idols 8

This is a couple weeks late, and would probably be even later if not for Zara's continuous nags reminders to finally post so without further ado, here's what happened on July 10 when I attended the American Idols Live Tour Concert in Sacramento:

6:55 PM   

  • Ate Freya and I arrive at the ARCO Arena with 5 minutes to spare till. After a quick bathroom break, we rush to our seats just as the lights go off, the Idol theme cues up, and fans start screaming.

  • After Michael Sarver sings his 2 songs, next comes Megan Corkery, whom Mackie adores (after his beloved Adam of course) but I've never really liked. Everything sounds a lot better in a concert though and Megan manages to give a decent cover of Corinne Bailey Rae's" Put Your Records On" as you can see in this clip here.
  • As did Michael and Megan, Scott MacIntyre sings two songs, one of which I couldn't help but record just because I've always found the song to be so atrocious before but Scott sings it so sincerely that by the song's end, I almost end up liking it (see what I mean about everything sounding better in a concert?)

  • Next up is Lil' Rounds, whom I dislike just as much as Megan, but manages to win me over by her third song when she breaks into her version of Beyoncรฉ "Single Ladies" and gets the audience to sing along to the lyrics flashing onstage.
  • Lil, of course, is followed by Sang's favorite, Anoop Desai—Sang, I took lots of pics and videos for you but since I can't upload them all, I'll just burn you a disc. In the meantime, here's a clip of Anoop, taking the time to talk to the Sacramento crowd (Sorry for the shaky video. And the screaming). Also, here's another short clip of Anoop doing a cover of Ne-Yo's "Mad" is what I think it is.

  • Matt Giraud comes up next and even though he still does one of those cringe-worthy falsetto notes of his, his piano-playing skills more than make up for it.
  • The first set closes with a group medley among the Idols who've sang so far: Megan Joy and Lil Rounds, "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" (Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons); Scott MacIntyre and Matt Giraud, "Tell Her About It" (Billy Joel); Michael Sarver, "Suspicious Minds" (Elvis Presley); Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud, Scott MacIntyre, Michael Sarver, Lil Rounds and Megan Joy, "Beggin'" (the Four Seasons)

  • There is a 15-minute intermission during which they Arco announces that if you text like crazy, you might just get the chance to win backstage passes to meet the Idols after the concert. I send a few texts here and there but of course don't win anything (where's Zara when you need her?). I also see a "Cougars for Adam" sign go up. Dug around for my camera but I was too late to snap it. Dang!
  • Second set resumes with one of my favorites, Allison Iraheta! Yay Allison! She looks so much like a rock star in her get-up and there's even a fan blowing back her hair, which I'll admit is a little cheesy, but looks totally cool with Allison. Big picture insert this time because it's Allison. ๐Ÿ™‚ Partial video of Alli singing Pink's "So What" right here.
  • Danny Gokey is next. And they give him 4 songs this time. He does two Rascal Flatts song, one Michael Jackson (P.Y.T.) and one Santana, which I captured a snippet of right here.
  • Once Danny's set is over, the crowd goes crazy, possibly because Danny's set is over (Haha. I kid! I kid!) but more likely because we all know who's next. Now, I've seen footage of people in the Beatles' on the Ed Sullivan show where the girls are all standing up and crying hysterically and screaming their lungs out. It wasn't quite as crazy as that (I wasn't crying, mind you) but it was definitely the closest I've come so far, and perhaps, ever, to being in a similar moment. And let me tell you, that crowd was L-O-U-D. Ate managed to capture a portion of Adamania (which does not really compare to the actual cover-your-ears-or-scream-your-head-off experience):

  • Oh, and did I mention that Adam took off his jacket and started gyrating to the tune of "Fame" (David Bowie)? Yes, he did.
  • Now, Zar, don't get all worked up by that video, okay? Kris got his own welcoming committee too and we were every bit as loud as those cougars screaming for Adam—even if Kris didn't take off his own shirt for us. Check out the pandemonium here:

  • Omigod. I just watched that video again and just realized how lovesick I sound screaming my head off. Sige nalang gyud ug katawa si Ate sa ako. Kung nagkurog-kurog bitaw ang video, pasenysa nalang. I think I was grabbing Ate's arm and shaking her sa akong excitement.
  • Even though, "No Boundaries" was listed on the set list, thankfully (and for the first time on tour, I think), Kris instead sings The Killers' "All These Things That I've Done" and if I didn't already love him before, I would've loved him right then just for singing one of my all time favorite anthems. Ate and I take 5 videos of that performance combined–wish I'd recorded the entire thing but I wanted to enjoy just listening to the song as well. Two of the vids are here and here. No singing/screaming/sighing from me on either of those two. I hope.
  • Kris sings 2 more songs then leads the rest of the group in a rendition of "Hey Jude", part of which Ate Freya was able to capture here
  • Very last song of the night is the encore with all the Idols singing Journey's "Don't Stop Believing". By this time, my camera battery is dead and Ate is the only one able to take any footage at all.

  • So we didn't get to stalk the Idols at their bus but I did manage to get you guys some souvenirs (picture subtitle by Ate). Can't wait to get home and give these to you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • You can see the rest of pics Ate and I took over here.


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my future kids

Mae posted a link to makemebabies.com on one of her notes on Facebook and I'm ashamed to say I immediately registered on the site and spent the better part of the morning "making babies" with some of my favorite celebrities. Got some ugly ones, which I promptly deleted, of course and kept the better looking ones. Haha. What a wonderful mother I'll make in the future.

Here's mine and Wenty's future daughter:

Asa kaha gikan na iyang buhok ug puti nga kutis? Hmm? Do you think that in this hypothetical universe where Wenty and I have a child that I *gasp* had an affair with someone? Someone who looks perhaps like this?

Apparently, mga anak nako kay blonde gyud ug buhok. Let's hope nalang na sakto na ni nga amahan.

Poor child of mine. Bata pa gani nakuha na ang eyebags sa iyang Mama.

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