cat on the windowsill

You asked for a picture so…this is me in my room at Ate's house. Behind me is the cat, Ash (not my laptop anymore since it's now CLEAN!!) who likes to perch on windowsills during the day. My sister and Adam, her husband, have another cat, Smokey, who's bigger—Ash, himself, is actually quite big compared to the mangy, scrawny cats we have back home but compared to him Smokey is almost obese–unfortunately, he's also a bit of a scaredy-cat (bad pun, I know). And whereas Ash likes to plunk himself on a window sill or the couch, Smokey likes to hide out under people's beds or Adam's desk. If I ever had to write about a nervous, fat person, Smokey would be my character study (since the fat people I know are just plain annoying).

Same picture. Just trying to see if I can avoid the chinky-eyed look of the first one but not quite succeeding. It's incredibly sad to see the cat paying more attention to the tree outside than to my shenanigans in front of the laptop. Stupid cat.

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