another fortune…

So I joined Mackie's family in a birthday lunch celebration for his birthday today and the place we went to gave us fortune cookies afterward. My fortune this time says, "You'll have all sorts of chances to make a happy encounter."
Wala lang. Nalingaw ko sa akong mga fortune na nangakuha diri. They're all so positively optimistic yet vague at the same time.Tinuyo gyud para malipay nalang ang tao bisag dili kasabot.

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fortunes from cookies

"You will soon gain something you have always wanted."

Oh. My.

It would be so tempting to just give in and believe something I got out of a cookie but, cynic that I am, I can't bring  myself to do it. It is nice to wonder about it though, like, if it were true, what goodies (or goody) would soon be coming my way. That A in statistics class? A scholarship out of the blue? A free trip to Spain? That chance encounter with Jensen Ackles?

If I were even just a little bit superstitious, I'd tie it up with that other fortune I got the first time I came here; the one which so optimistically said, "You're romantic life will take a turn for the better." Ha. So far, nada. Which is just fine, believe me. Because if I were ever to gain something I've always wanted, I don't think romantic entanglements are on the plate anymore. Sounds like sour graping, I know but it's (surprisingly) not. After coming here and seeing how the ones on the other side of the fence live, I'm starting to appreciate the perks of being single. No asking permission from anyone to go out; no having to time yourself when you actually do get to go out; no sharing money with anyone; no having to worry about another person's feelings; no having to pause and think when being offered a new job or an opportunity to move to another country. In other words, I don't want to worry about anyone else but ME right now. And maybe someone up there was smart enough to figure that out that long before I did.  Thank God.

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