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Haven't posted anything in ages which is a bit surprising you would think since I haven't had much to do, or rather, I haven't had much work to do for the past few weeks. I've had to do some things for a nonprofit organization some friends and I are putting up (more on that next time) and I've had to write of all things, poems (ugh) for the magazine but these things aside, I haven't really been working. Which makes me suspect even more strongly that procrastination was, is, the biggest motivator for my posts. No reason to procrastinate, no posts. Ha!

Today, since I'm procrastinating getting my room in order, here are a couple of links most of which I got from my friend Tobbie's blog, which I wanted to share with you guys:

Gap Ads: you've probably seen some of them before but I found this not-so-recent one of Audrey Hepburn and thought it too cute not share. Also, though I'm no big fan of Claire Danes, I do like me some Patrick Wilson, so here

For those of you in Manila, go visit Bookay-Ukay which is, you guessed it, an ukay-ukay store for books. Now, how cool does that sound? By the way, if you're at work and can't click on the links or surf other cool sites, this article and this may be able to help you out.

Also pretty interesting (at least I thought so) are the various types of quizzes people come up with these days: There's the "Which Filipino Food Are You?" quiz (apparently, I'm pancit; its different variations point to my "schizo-like personality"). There's also the "What Punctation Mark Are You?" (comma), the "What Advanced Degree Should You Get?" (Law), and "Are You A Mac or a PC?" (Mac). I also found out, that I'd be a cool parent (yay!), my personality is very rare (only 3% of women and 5% of men are like me), men see me as choosy (big shocker) and I can make 65% of men fall in love with me (why not?). My favorite was probably the 5 Factor Values Test which said that I value loyalty (at least until I'm crossed) and tolerance of other's beliefs and preferences but that I don't value honesty, generosity, or humility (harsh, but probably true). Oh, and if you believe in signs (which I don't), how weird is it that when I clicked on the "take a random quiz" link this morning, the "Why Don't You Have A Boyfriend?" quiz pops up? Naggety-nag-nag Mr. Universe (anything so annoying has to be male). And never mind nalang unsa ang answer sa quiz. =/

The final thing I wanted to share I got from my cousin, Tina, who sent me a link to David Kawena's latest undergarment-clad creation:

I have to say, even in the see-through ruffled shirt, Orlando still looks hot as all hell. The only turn off are the legs—I like mine with a lot more muscle. All the better to ride me with, my dear. Nyahahahaha [insert wicked laugh here].

Have a good weekend everyone! Will try to post pics of my trip to New York soon!

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