Much Ado About Stalking

Finally saw Twilight last week and as expected the movie was..meh. A few scenes were outright gag-worthy, others were more tolerable, and the rest was just okay. Compared to the book though, I'd have to agree that the movie was so much better, mostly because of the reduction in the gag factor. Which got me thinking. About Edward and his certifiably something fan base and how people will, for a pretty face, overlook any character flaw be it extreme sappiness or the propensity to stalk someone, as stalk Bella Edward certainly does. In fact, people do more than overlook Edward's 'flaws', they love him for it. The film even has an ode to the depths of sappiness that Edward will sink to (in the guise of Bella's lullaby). Somewhat surprisingly, however, there is no stalker song in the movie.

This leads me to my next brain wave–stalker songs. We can all think of a few, can't we? The Police's Every Breath You Take for example, probably the definitive stalker song of the past century. And then there's Blondie's One Way or Another. Wait till the 0:49 second mark when Debbie Harry promises to "drive past your house" in that deep voice of hers and if that doesn't freak you out (or turn you on), I don't know what will. Then of course there's that stalker song that sneaks up on you, waiting to be picked on your shuffle list, and it's not until you start to really listen to the lyrics one day (or belt it out in an ill-advised karaoke session) when it dawns on you that, omg, this is a seriously creepy song. I can think of at least two songs which fit that bill: Crash Into Me (Dave Matthews Band) and Goodnight and Go (Imogen Heap), both of which start off innocently enough, then proceed to get creepier by the second. The final song to round off my stalker playlist? I'd have to go for Sarah McLachlan's Possession, which was inspired by an actual stalker. Inspire might not be the best word actually–McLachlan reportedly wrote the song to help her cope with an obsessive fan who claimed he was in love with her.

What's your favorite stalker song?

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post #65

Here's the usual class picture for the quarter. Only new additions to our class are Cora (upper row, farthest left) who 's American Indian and is a grad student from the Native American Studies department, and Professor Hughes (upper row, second farthest right) whose research specialty includes Moods and Deception. Very telling no? Anyway, I'm in NY right now. Will try to post updates as soon as possible. 🙂

Btw, those of you in Manila may want to catch what's left of the 13th French Film Festival (sorry this notice is a bit late), if you haven't already. As usual, it's free and running till the 22nd at the Shangri-la Plaza. Schedule can be found here.

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jessica, homer, sookie, and adrian

I promised Mackie some time ago that I would post the Jessica Rabbit un-tooned pic that the guys at Pixeloo did, so here it is:

Though the point wasn't to make Jessica Rabbit look as real as possible (hence the exaggerated eyelid), I have to say, she looks a lot like a redheaded Angelina Jolie. Or at the very least, she looks more like Angelina Jolie than Heidi Klum in her Jessica Rabbit homage for GQ magazine:

The Pixeloo artists also did some un-tooning of Homer Simpson (and Mario of the Nintendo game) that were a little bit creepy, to say the least. For Homer un-tooned, I prefer this picture by artist Roberto Parada better:

A little bit stern-looking, like you should be afraid of him instead of invite him over for some beers but not bad, I think.

On the topic of fictional characters…since I just read the latest Sookie Stackhouse book that came out a few days ago (Book #8: From Dead to Worse), and found out that the next one in the series isn't slated to come out till next year, I am so looking forward to seeing Sookie in live-action for the HBO series, True Blood. When I first heard Anna Paquin was playing the character, I wasn't exactly thrilled but since coming across these pictures from Boston Common magazine, I have to admit, she looks better as a blond than I would have imagined. And I love those Christian Louboutin shoes she's wearing on this page. They're pretty cute, don't you think? And if Anna as a blond isn't enticement enough to watch the show when it debuts, then Alexander Skarsgard as Eric should be more than enough to get everyone's attention. His IMDB bio also says the guy was voted Sweden's sexiest man five times. Ooh-la-la. Let's just hope he can act too.

Finally, to wrap up this post, I just found out that our favorite actor-playing-fictional-actor, Adrian Grenier, has a book club. AND is doing something to benefit developing countries. Can you imagine? His coolness factor just went up a notch. Or ten. 🙂

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tv sequels

so i got suckered into one of those abc family movie marathon weekends again. and while i managed to steer clear of those blond cheerleaders who wasted some ten hours of my life last time, this time i couldn't resist the temptation to watch the figure skating guys and gals of, you guessed it, the cutting edge trilogy. and really, would you have been able to NOT do the same? okay, don't answer that. perhaps you would have avoided the temptation and plunged ahead to do the two term papers you have due next week. but the first movie, really, who can complain about that one? even now, more than ten years after, i still maintain that it's one of the best romantic-comedies i've ever seen. but the straight-to-video sequels? let's just say unoriginal plot devices + so-so choreography + unremarkable musical scoring equals…well, movies that are still n times better than those bring it on sequels i somehow managed to sit through. ugh. at least in the cutting edge sequels you get to find out that kate mosley and doug dorsey did win that olympic gold medal (duh), did get married and did have a daughter (played in the second movie by christy carlson romano who's actually not a bad actress; she voices kim possible too so i could possibly be a bit biased there). then, of course, you have these drop dead gorgeous guys who have abs of steel and are surprisingly adept at maintaining their masculinity even while donning satiny costumes and waving their arms in the air like a couple of ballerinas (no offense to my ballet-dancing readers).

despite this, however, it's still sad to see a good movie being parceled out into tv sequels that are so obviously a cut below the original. i understand they have to make do with a lower budget but, really, it kind of makes you appreciate even more the tv movies out there that are actually good, like, say, the ones produced by HBO (exceptions to the rule, i know) or arabian nights with mili avital and dougray scott or even (and i know clarie will totally disagree with this), high school musical with zac efron. anyway, what was the point of this post again? not much really. just the sad sad state of tv movie sequels and my apparent inability to stay away from them, despite pending deadlines–or rather, because of pending deadlines. haha. now that i've made that pretty obvious, guess i better get back to work.

have a good week people! and don't procrastinate! (at least not with cheerleaders).

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post #45

it's a saturday night and i'm in my room doing schoolwork/blogging/watching the food network on TV. so, yeah, i still don't have a social life to speak of. but i did wake up early and stand in line for over an hour yesterday to buy tickets to the death cab for cutie concert in uc davis. so, come april 22, i will at least have something of a social life. or at least some life beyond school. 🙂

for those of you just as pathetic as me, or simply interested in all things entertainment, check out EW's "30 Under 30" actors and actresses to watch out for. why? because 1) i know you'll take any excuse to look at zac efron's lovely mug (i'm talking to you, mackieyo); 2) you get to find out that a movie called "beast of bataan" is coming out (can't wait to hear them butcher the pronunciation); and 3) as irritating as some of the actresses on the list may be (e.g. scarlett johansson, keira knightley, jessica biel), well…just check out the guys' list then.

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