in which i commemorate being thisclose…

…to ending the first half of the year 2009 with pictures i have long promised to share with you guys but never have. until now. sorry gyud na bahaw na ning uban. pero kaon lang gihapon, or tan-aw, or basa, or whatever because this metaphor is not working anymore. 🙂


JUNE 10: The Lion King with Ate and Mama

Saw The Lion King musical in Sacramento with Mama and Ate Freya. Three words: Pretty darn entertaining. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the theater, so you'll have to make do with this shot instead.

JUNE 6: Lunch with my Lapalala Friends
My friend Manu, who's a game designer for EA, just finished his latest project (Sims 3, which was launched last June 2) and we wanted to celebrate. So Alnie, Arman, and I headed over to Manu's pad for some good ol' conversation, a little bit of gaming, and of course, lunch: Manu prepared an entire Indian menu, I brought sparkling cider, and Alnie and Arman got ice cream from Mitchell's (p.s. Nalingaw ko sa Mitchell's kay they also had flavors like langka, ube, macapuno, and even halo-halo; later found out from their website that they get most of their fresh ingredients from the Pinas; since I wanted to try something new, I got myself a cone of Thai Tea and Lucuma–omigod, ice cream heaven).

MAY 22-23: Boating with Mackie and Lieza
Before his weekend of debauchery on a houseboat, Mackie stopped by Davis to spend some time with his boring non-alcohol consuming friend (me). In return, I had him drive me to the welcome dinner for the Sison Family Reunion at Tita Mitzi's house. After eating our fill, Mackie, my cousin Chris, and I left the party to watch the new Star Trek, which is so good I'm going to resist making fun of the Trekkies in this post. Or not. The next day, Mackie and I went boating (paddle boating and canoeing) at the country club where I have a membership (apil na sa akong room rental). My friend, Lieza, joined us. Because exercise is pointless if you don't follow it up by eating something fatty, we ended up having a quick snack at a taqueria (I had a horchata, which was pretty good) and eating some ice cream I made earlier in the day (watch out Mitchell's!).

Mirror ImageMackie's Fields of Gold MomentPaddle Boating 1Paddle Boating 2Canoeing in the Lake

MAY 22-25: Sison Family Reunion
Dancing, drinking, drama. They should just get those trashy Kardashians off the air and film the Sisons instead. Ayayay. Pics and videos are up on Multiply.

APRIL 18: Picnic Day
UC Davis students' annual excuse to start drinking at 9 in the morning. Oh, and parade the farm animals and bikes of course. Spent this day with the Chapmans: Ate Freya, Adam's sister, Angie, and the kids, Eric Anthony, Nathan and Alyssa. Highlights of the day include seeing some of the biggest dogs ever and eating deep-fried snickers. Pictures are here and I also posted videos of the parade, the Mondavi Symphony and ice cream (of course!) made from liquid nitrogen  (here and here).

APRIL 4: Dinner with my Comm. grad friends
After Mackie's objections and Andrew's protests, finally, nakakaon na gyud ko sa Hooters, a place where grown men bring their 12-year old sons to eat (I kid you not—we must've seen at least 3 father-son diners in that place). The food was okay, but a little underwhelming, the view even more so (I guess orange shorts and hooters just don't do it for me). The fried pickles were good, though, which is something I never thought I'd say in my life, me not being overly fond of pickles (strange that each of my posts so far always seem to include some mention of food).

Heewon, Tae, & PomMarko, Kelly, & AndrewMarko & KellyMichelle, Me, & CandiceGroup Shot

APRIL 3-4: SMS Mini Reunion
Among laag-laag uban ni Isra na nalagpot sa Bay Area adtong April. Hung out with Isra, Joanna, Sho-sho, Sho's husband, Jake, fellow St. Marian's, Sean Thommes and Jedi, Joanna's brother, and some of Sho's friends. We toured Isra around San Francisco, had dinner at Gerry's Grill, and then hung out at Sho's house till 6 in the morning (feeling high school lang gihapon bisag tigulang na). In the morning, we were joined by Brian Cagadas, Mabelle, and Mabelle's daughter, Yvanna. I had to split at 8 a.m. to meet my mom and join my Comm. friends (see above) but despite the 2 hours of sleep and hangover, it was the most fun I've had in ages. I know they're never going to read this blog but thanks everyone! Gi mingaw gyud ko sa high school. You guys are the best (and this includes, of course, the people reading this blog). Pics with Isra are over here.

MARCH 3: Hanging out with Lesley
Lesley Docdocil visited me in Davis and we went out for Thai food at Sophia's and caught a movie, Confession of a Shopaholic, which is an okay movie (thanks to Isla Fisher) based on a really crappy book (sorry Sophie Kinsella but "Confessions.." was one of the worst books I read last summer, along with the four equally horrendous books in the Twilight series).

JANUARY 3-4: Tahoe Trip

The Docdocils were kind enough to let me tag along on their trip to Tahoe, post-New Year. I am not a big fan of the cold but the snow-covered slopes of Tahoe sure were pretty. Highlights of this trip include 1) having my picture taken with Elvis (wahahaha), 2) Mackie getting caught spying on a drag queen, 3) learning how to photoshop this and this, and 4) sledding down part of a hill (or something equally puny). Pictures are also up on my Multiply page.

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Linggo ng Wika

The Filipino grad students (and friends) in Davis held a party yesterday to celebrate the birthdays of two of their group and invited me to tag along. The original theme of the party was supposed to be Linggo ng Wika/Filipiniana but somehow got twisted into into the Olympics as well. As a result, the food and decorations were Filipino but people had to come in Olympic attire. Surprisingly, people really did come in Olympic attire. Or variations thereof. See below.

Linggo ng Wika Party 1Linggo ng Wika Party 2Linggo ng Wika Party 3Linggo ng Wika Party 4Linggo ng Wika Party 5

Where was I during this whole event? Why, scarfing down quek-queks and Curly Tops, of course. Especially after our team lost miserably in the trivia contest appropriately titled 'Game N B U?' Categories for the quiz included, among others, 'Lab Teams' (identify the ka lab-team of the actor pictured); 'Scene It' (identify the movie from the video clip; I was the only one who got the 500 point question—yay! Answer: Panaghoy sa Suba), and 'Pinoy Olympian', which stumped everyone (Did you know that the first Olympic medal ever won by the Philippines was in swimming and that this was back in 1928?).

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post #65

Here's the usual class picture for the quarter. Only new additions to our class are Cora (upper row, farthest left) who 's American Indian and is a grad student from the Native American Studies department, and Professor Hughes (upper row, second farthest right) whose research specialty includes Moods and Deception. Very telling no? Anyway, I'm in NY right now. Will try to post updates as soon as possible. 🙂

Btw, those of you in Manila may want to catch what's left of the 13th French Film Festival (sorry this notice is a bit late), if you haven't already. As usual, it's free and running till the 22nd at the Shangri-la Plaza. Schedule can be found here.

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it's been a little bit crazy lately and i haven't really gotten the time to dawdle too much on the net (haha) so apologies all around for neglecting this blog. anyway, quick updates on what i've been up to lately.

let's see, last
saturday was uc davis' picnic day. i initially wasn't going to venture out because, 1) i'm antisocial, as mackie very well knows and 2) the amount of readings we have to read each week is ridiculous enough to keep someone at home. even on a saturday. but of course, temptation prevailed. and for once, i'm kinda glad i did. picnic day in uc davis is sort of like their foundation day celebration, complete with parade, international food fair (lumpia anyone?), exhibits (the food tech department held an awesome food exhibit in their beer brewery which featured free ice cream and wacky cartoon germs singing 'you better wash your hands' to the tune of the beatles' 'i wanna hold your hand.' ridiculously hilarious), and a bunch of other not-to-be-missed opportunities like tie-dying shirts (!) and milking goats and cows (i kid you not people–as you can see from the picture on the right). and before you ask

, no, i didn't milk the  goat, partly because by the time i got to the petting zoo section the poor goat was all out of milk but mostly because i was too busy getting recipe books signed by martin yan, that guy who hosted that show "yan can cook" which aired on RPN 9 some years ago (if you remember that show, he used to make roses out of beets and swans out of turnips). turns out, martin yan graduated from uc davis long long ago and agreed to come back for picnic day this year. before the book signing, he even held a food demonstration i attended. didn't get to be his assistant volunteer (not that i raised my hand) but i did get a sample of his stir-fry. yum. i also took a picture with my camera phone but couldn't upload it since i'm not sure how to get pics from my camera to here (do i just email it? do i need a connector thingy? i've yet to figure it out).

UPDATE: here's one of the pics i had taken with martin yan. i finally just decided to email the thing to myself.

in comparison to saturday, sunday was pretty boring and spent mostly catching up on all the reading i neglected the day before. ugh. i did get to procrastinate a little bit, however, by checking my mail and finding a letter from brian gorrell, who was asking for advice on which t-shirt company to sign up with for selling those team brian designs people have been coming up with. why's he emailing me, of all people? well, my sister's company was initially going to print brian's shirts for him but between my first email to brian and his latest email to me, my sister's been inundated with more clients than they can keep up with so they decided to refer brian to other t-shirt sites instead. he was really nice about it and even though i still don't know what exactly went on with him and that skeevy looking dj montano, well, i'm siding with brian on this one because, as clarie pointed out, brian uses a mac. haha.

monday wasn't too interesting either (aside from watching gossip girl and HIMYM, of course). so let's skip that.

tuesday was fun because i finally got to go to that death cab for cutie concert i bought tickets to a long time ago. the band was great! they played all my favorite songs of theirs (except for 'a lack of color') and even played a whopping 5 songs for their encore. ate freya brought a camera and took a couple of pics and videos but i haven't gotten them yet  so sorry no uploads for now. but a couple people did take videos (abtik kaayo sila mo upload sa youtube) and here's one of them:

death cab for cutie – i will follow you into the dark

and no. i'm not one of those dorky people singing along to the music and ruining the moment.

watching the death cab for cutie concert of course meant that i missed american idol this week but a visit to my
favorite place for recaps
quickly got me updated. love that andrew lloyd webber. he's so delightfully british and certainly more interesting than all the other mentors (i.e. mariah and dolly) who had nothing but nice things to say to the contestants. not that webber was mean but he wasn't all i love you! and you're wonderful! either.

oops. i just checked that clock and it's almost 3 a.m. over here. didn't get to finish the rest of the update but the rest of it's pretty boring anyway. keep me updated on your lives too. diba summer na diha? dapat daghan na mo'g chikka.

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post #46

took another picture of my classmates, this time for my cognition class:

it's still the usual suspects, with professor berger, the one with glasses, and colin, the guy in the middle, smirking (haha). professor berger's also the chair of the department and practically an institution in communication research; if you read the literature, you really won't be able to go much farther without coming across his name. he's that famous. and a pretty good teacher too; interesting. though he will go off tangent at times (okay, a lot) but you can't ever say it's boring or not enlightening to talk to him. colin, on the other hand, made the class so much more fun. mostly because he'd really be the one to start off the discussion (translation: medyo tabi-an). he's not from our major—linguistics grad student siya in his second year—but he puts us all to shame with his grasp of a subject that's, really, supposed to be in our field of expertise (at least in the future). he speaks five languages: french, german, english, spanish and malagasi and you can tell he's pretty smart when he shares insights from this or that book or movie (never in a pretentious manner though).   

anyway, just wanted to share this pic. funny kay the board still has the same squiggles and orthogonal equation from last time. pa claro lang wala gyud ga limpyo sa among room. haha.

p.s. hey macks, kristin from e! blogged about dominic monaghan's photo exhibit in west hollywood. and i thought you may want to drop by (the way she reported it murag open to the public man siya). they post some of his pics on the site and they're pretty good actually and some of the models are, you know, famous. :)  it's on this friday till march 27 at the hamilton-selway fine art gallery, if you know where that is. if i were there (and truly pathetic), i'd hang out every day with that LOTR book you bought me in the hopes na ma pa autograph nako ang hobbits sa ilang pic. *sigh* i guess i'll have to stalk them another time.

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post #18

my gosh. ka pangit man gyud diay sa akong nawong no with the swollen eyes and everything (it got a LOT worse, i can tell you). especially kay gi sunod sa pic ni zara on the cover of mode. wahahahaha! to somewhat redeem myself, i'm posting two other pics with some of my friends, old and new, over here:

this is me and alnie, my friend na kauban nako sa south africa. she moved to california about two years after we  graduated sa ateneo (ka batch mi but i think her course was management or something like that). we met up again in davis and had some "authentic" shawarma from this mediterranean place. lami siya but unfortunately nagdaut among mga tiyan shortly after eating just about half of it. obviously, this picture was taken before we started eating.

this is me with my persuasion class sans one other classmate, omar, who had to leave early. note the shades i had to wear because my eyes were still swollen from the allergies. guess which one's our teacher?

on the top row, from left to right: andrew (boston), angela (china), min jung (korea), ilana (san francisco) and me. on the bottom row, from left to right: zhenzhen (china) and professor lee (korea). just to tell you guys a little something about each of them…andrew is like our big brother (since he's also the oldest), sort of laid back and speaks with this slow drawl—kinda like a california dude which is strange since he's not from california—but it absolutely delights the koreans since they say it makes him so much easier to understand. angela is the 'fashionista' of the group, though you can't really tell from this picture. she's pretty funny too and doles out sage advice to me from time to time, like ' you really have to rest vida!' or 'you must have fun once in a while…go crazy!' in her lovely accent. min jung is a little bit more serious, always conscientious about her studies and my favorite griping partner when we both miss home and indulge ourselves by having one of our 'self-pitying/what-was-i-thinking-coming-here' grief sessions. ilana is our youngest, having just graduated from college. she's does some modeling and acting (mostly for indie films in san francisco), is always very enthusiastic and incredibly helpful in giving us tips about american and uc davis life (since she took up her undergrad in ucd too). zhenzhen is the most quiet though probably the nicest of all of us, makahinumdum ko sa twins or si ghea, kay buutan kaayo. i can't imagine her ever losing her temper. finally, professor lee is our teacher in persuasion. she's originally from korea (where she was summa cum laude) and got her ph.d. from stanford. she's super smart and is a pretty good teacher. we took this picture kay last na mi niya na class sa ucd kay she decided to move back to korea to teach in her former school (seoul national university, i think, which is one of the more prestigious schools in south korea). we gave her chocolates, flowers, and a card at the end of the class and kahilakon kaayo siya as she told us na sad siya na wala siya to see us finish our degrees but bantayun daw niya among careers if ever maka-publish mi sa journals. medyo touching biya.

anyway, that's about it. no real news to report kay i have one more paper (for stat) to finish and so having done my share of procrastination for the time being, i guess i really should get back to work. will post again when i finish my stat paper (if ever!)

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