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Had lunch in San Francisco last week with friends from my South Africa trip.

You guys probably remember Alnie, but the guy in the picture, Manu, should be new to you. He's from India, though he's been in the States awhile since he got his master's in Georgia Tech. Manu has one of the coolest jobs ever—he's a game designer for EA which does games for Wii, PC, Playstation, and all other platforms. They did The Sims, Rock Band, Call of Duty, even Diner Dash, apparently, is done by a small division under them. And everything you've ever wondered about what a game designers does is, basically, true. Research, for them, is playing games, watching movies (especially if the game's based on a movie), playing some more games

and well, you get the gist. And they have some really great perks too—aside from big discounts on the games (Macks, papalit gyud ko'g Rock Band for CDO), they also–get this—get to meet some of the actors who do voice-over work for some of the games they develop. Manu was telling me, for example, that some of his friends worked on the game for The Godfather and I believe they actually got to meet Marlon Brando (before he died) and some of the other cast members. Pretty cool huh? They did some of The Lord of the Rings games too but I didn't get to ask if they got to meet the actors for that one (suya gyud ko).

On the right is another picture (more for JC, actually, kay na intriga daw siya) of Manu and Alnie's husband, Armand.

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